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You've got questions and we've (most likely) got answers. If there's something we haven't covered, or if you'd like to talk to a real person, we'd love to hear from you. Visit our site to chat directly with a team member (M-F, 9:30am-6pm IST) or email us at [email protected] (anytime!).

Security – What do we do with your personal details?

Shopping Guide – Types of Paper, Printing

Shipping- Where’s my order now.

And More- Coupons, Gift Cards, Goodies, Swag (yeah, we know you!)

Security by Default

Is my data safe with Cardnival?

Before the idea of Cardnival has even nurtured, we were determined about Security. You trust us on sharing your information, and hence, it becomes our prerogative to keep it protected. We partner with the industry leaders in hosting the Web site, add a SSL encryption on top that does a thorough vet on a daily frequency to ensure the data (be it your personal details or your banking details) is secure. In order to process and fulfil your order, we share the inputs with our trusted business and logistics partners, who are bound by Indemnity to hold it secure. In simpler words, your transaction is safe with us.

Shopping Guide – the coolest card store you can find it in country should hold its promise right!

What are the types of paper?

Exquisite elegant Matt laminated, with 300 GSM If you prefer gorgeous and understated, you belong here. With our beautiful designs, it gives a subtle yet perfectly timeless impression.

Robust Ivory starch papers, with 300GSM This category is all about dreamy and lustrous kind of feeling. It looks all elegant, raw and has ‘that’ feeling to talk to your friends. But, keep in mind that this one does get affected by wear and tear.

Virgin Kraft,with 250 GSM Delightful earth tone paper has a beautifully smooth texture. Paper made substantially from any kind of sulphate (Kraft) pulp. Next best thing to just sending the cards with Sand and tree leaves is this. Cards on Kraft

How many cards do you have in your kitty?

No tangles..our collection includes a variety of styles that suit your desired wedding and party theme: Indian Cults, Floral Laurels, Take me West, Vintage Dusts.

Indian Cults are filled with Ethnic designs for weddings, ear boring, house warming, & is there a day in India not to be celebrated. Designs are made of tradition vignettes and grand aspect.

Vintage Dusts has got some Cool breeze collections in its fold. Going Vintage is not just today’s fashion statement but more of exploring thejourney the race of Human beings had been through. So try it out!

Take me west, Ever wondered how cool it’d have been if our weddings have taken place on a Sea side, setback, or with lesser drama and more content. Here we come, #TMW collections. These are Vogue collections, as by its name, seen western events.

Floral Laurels – who’s not a fan of flowers, every single color is depiction of our mood, our trait..and yep, our floweret collections are sure to blossom the occasion

We heard there’s some interesting thing on your Search?

We try to use Man and Machine learning- every single card is programmed to reverse- identify your interests and added as a keyword. Meaning, whenever you search anything on our card, like “Torqoise, Elegant, Traditional”, our algorithm does all kind of work on the backend, to give the results that comes close to your need.

And how do you put them together?

These papers are then exposed to Digital or in Offset press, who colourfully print the content out with the necessary bleed. And the post press takes charge of our card making thing with our operations team assisting hand on hand to get beautifully done. All the same- but with utmost care and love!

Why is there a dynamic pricing?

It's pretty straight and we wanted to be as transparent as possible throughout the experience. Unlike our fellow friends around, who perhaps print the cards all over in a single go (say 50k cards per each design in a single go), we personalize your card right from its humble beginning. That piece of paper is procured just to facilitate your event. That Printing plate is made only for your event. We then coat and finish every single card, and make sure it gets delivered in the same spirit. After all every wedding is unique and every single card has to get birth for you.is not it?


We have our preferred logistic team who deliver the cards right to your doorstep. Safe and guaranteed.We shall provide you with the Order and Shipment details as your order advances.

How much is the Delivery fee?

We wouldn’t do that to you. We have simple pricing. The price is you see is price you pay (plus GST, hello Mr. PM) no delivery fee or order minimums!

I wanted to it super-quick and I can pay a premium.

Some groundword’s to be done here, currently we don’t allow expedited mode and your shipment would be fulfilled with Standard only. But yeah, check this space for updates.

And More- Greed is good, not just in Wall Street in our Card Street too!

Do you have any offers running?

YES! Who’s not a fan of Discounts. And what more, when a new discount pops up every single time.Visit Cardnival.in/Sale to check the ongoing Sale.

Anything else would you offer for *free*?

Yahoo! E-Cards! Along with the physical prints you order, there’s a cool checkbox to opt in for digital as well. And guess what! Your WhatsApp-able, Instagram-able, ShareIT-able, Email-able Card would straight be on your way as the card gets delivered to your home. Didn’t we say, we make every single attempt to understand your world and serve better.

Swag aka Goodies.

There’s a surprise for every order you place with Cardnival. Ussh! We are told to keep our mouths shut for now.

This is all nice..are you into any kind of, Corporate Social responsibility stuff?

Oh yeah we’ll love to be there. Art and Artists should always be of great hale and health. And Kids need to learn art. If you’d like to partner with us in driving any of this initiative, please get in touch. And that’s a wrap!

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